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"We got Michael's SAT results and we are quite happy with them. We are grateful to you and are certain your tutoring was a huge part of his success . We will recommend your services to anyone who's interested."       

Terry and Bill Holden, SAT Parents

"While working on my essay for college admission, Linda helped me focus my thoughts and articulate them in a clear and concise manner. I was admitted to MIT."

 Varun Rao, College Prep Student

"Linda has been extremely helpful. Not only is she very good at teaching, she is fun and knows a lot about both biology and the SAT II's. She helped me organize, review information, and get a fantastic score." 

Julia French, SAT II Student

"Linda has helped Carl  to overcome his fear of  math. He now knows how to take it one step at a time and work through the math problems. He got A in his math course."

Kristen Patterson, Math Parent

"Linda Samuels has an almost magical ability to inspire students and to eliminate their fear of science."

Zoe Howes, AP Biology Student


Rachel from Newton earned a 5 on the AP Biology Exam and 800's on Math and Verbal SAT tests. She got accepted into her dream college - Amherst College.

 Dan from Winthrop raised his SAT scores by 200 points after only 7 sessions.

Margo from Brookline earned an A in Biology. She was a B student before her SLC Tutoring.

Justin from Newton earned a B on his Biology Final Exam. He was failing the course before his SLC Tutoring.



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