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mc2 Brain Science for Better Living

Improve Concentration, Reduce Stress, and Better Sleep

What is the mc2?

The mc2 is a revolutionary electronic sound and light technology designed to:

  • Increase Concentration
  • Reduce Stress
  • Integrate Left/Right Brain Function
  • Maximize Focus and Learning
  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity
  • Enhances Sleep

Who should use the mc2?

  • Students who want to succeed
  • Parents who want to reduce their pressure
  • Teachers who want to do their best
  • Grandparents who want to keep their memory sharp

What is the scientific basis for the mc2                                                                                                        


By way of its flickering lights and fluctuating sounds, the mc2 generates a flurry of electrical activity in your brain. When challenged by this kind of novel experience, the brain — by virtue of its evolutionary design — will "adapt" at ever more complex functional heights. In essence, the mc2 facilitates "brain evolution" by stimulating reorganization of neuronal processing at increasingly higher and more sophisticated levels.

Because this is a nonlinear open system of change, it models the dynamics of natural selection. Despite the master genetic plan, environmental input continually influences the structural diversity of neuronal processing in the brain.

Binaural Beat Entrainment

The mc2 inputs stimuli that naturally encourages the brain to continue to evolve. By introducing the tone of a brainwave frequency into one ear, which is processed on the opposite side of the brain, and a tone of a different brainwave frequency into the other ear, the mc2 inspires an overall electrical brainwave response called entrainment — resonating at the difference between the two tones that are known as the binaural beat.

“Whole Brain Thinking”

With regular use of the mc2, your brain will continue to reorganize its electrical activity at increasingly higher and more sophisticated levels of functioning.  In the brain, this constant neuronal reorganization results in cross-hemispheric connections and synchronizations known as "whole-brain thinking," which awakens unused hidden abilities to learn, think, create, connect, and remember. The mc2 augments brain evolution by introducing ever lower carrier frequencies into each ear that, because of brain plasticity, over time, produce dynamic brainwave changes.


Here's some feedback after trying...

"I have never used anything like this! I have become a much deeper thinker and my grades are up in all my subjects!"  Vanessa, DPT Candidate

"I use my mc2 every morning so I can relax and make clear-headed decisions at my company. I was really skeptical when I started but, now I know that the mc2 really works!"  Steve, Mortgage Broker

"P1(Program One) helps me focus on my work at hand, after use P2 15 minutes during the day, I am not groggy, just refreshed, and use P4 every night to sleep." Kathy, Science Teacher.

"I can remember the directions and the telephone number without writing them down. The mc2 is so amazing! I have found a way to keep my mind alert."  Rob, Body In Sync


Is the mc2 easy to use?

When you get up in the morning, take a break during the day, or lay down to go to sleep, just put on your glasses, plug in your headphones, and select one of the following four programs on the electronic device:

P1 - Concentration (Beta 13-30 Hz) Cognition, Anxiety
P2 - Relaxation (Alpha 8-12 Hz) Superlearning
P3 - Subconscious (Theta 4-7 Hz) Creativity
P4 - Deep Sleep (Delta 1-3 Hz) Neuroplasticity, Retention
Click to Download the mc2 Instructions

Sit back and relax 15 minutes; let the mc2 go to work, reducing your stress, easing your tension, increasing your concentration, improving your focus.

How can the mc2 help you?
  • Become a deeper thinker and get higher grades. By using this scientifically tested new technology for as little as 15 minutes a day, the mc2 will exercise, integrate, optimize, and synchronize processing of information between the two cerebral hemispheres of your brain.

  • Used in Asia for many years as a safe and effective alternative to traditional medical treatments.

  • An individual one-time expense or a shared one-time expense for multiple users. No replacement parts except the two AAA batteries.

  • Merging Eastern medicine and Western technology to improve the quality of your life!


"Over one million students are already benefiting from mc2 technology in Asia.

We want the students in the USA to have the same opportunity!"

Linda Samuels, CEO

The mc2 Download

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