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About Us

Our Mission

Be the Best You Can Be!




Our passion is to propel able learners to new heights and to enable all students to reach their personal best.  We customize our tutoring to build solutions that meet individual needs.

We introduce our students to the merits of the mc2, a scientifically tested electronic memory device that promotes new neuronal processing to maximize brain power. The mc2 has merged science and art by combining left brain analytic and right brain dynamic processing in an extraordinary state-of-the-art technology used to produce profound results.

Since our inception in 2001, we at the Center have helped hundreds of students and we can help you too!

Our Philosophy

Peer pressure dictates that it is sometimes “not cool to be smart,” particularly in science. Many students come to believe, therefore, that being smart is not compatible with being popular. Another stereotype has it that science is all about memorization and that scientists are rigid, close-minded, and not creative. These misconceptions about science and the people who study it are deeply entrenched in our culture.

By the time students reach middle school, too often they have already “learned” that they are “not good at science.” Their lack of confidence can generate a self-fulfilling prophecy, whereby low self-esteem leads to poor performance, which, in turn, convinces students that their initial self-doubts were indeed justified. It has been found that individuals who can readily access both left and right brain functions are generally more academically successful, personally fulfilled, and well-integrated.

Philosophy in Action

 “Linda Samuels somehow manages to raise self-esteem, inspire students and eliminate fear, and provide a relaxed, happy environment without sacrificing rigor or very high standards … I remember wanting to study hard because I was motivated to achieve, not because I was afraid.” Melanie Macaronis

Our Leader

Founder Linda Samuels taught biological sciences at a private school in the Boston area for over twenty-five years. She has been nationally recognized for her innovative classroom techniques and her advocacy of strategies created to motivate students. Samuels encourages collaboration over competition, interdependence over isolation, and process learning over rote memorization.  She was admired by her students for her dynamic demeanor, strong connection, and superior command of the material.

Linda Samuels,  Master of Science, Master in Business Administration

"We will evaluate your child's learning style and design a one-of-a-kind program

that will ensure success."

Samuels is the author of a critically acclaimed book, Girls Can Succeed In Science!, which offers a variety of hands-on activities designed to capture the interests of adolescents and to highlight the relevance of science in their daily lives. The book targets students, parents, teachers, teachers-in-training, administrators, and all professionals wanting to create an equitable environment. It contains carefully designed and meticulously explained laboratory experiments that have been devised to stimulate integration of left and right brain processing, to counter gender stereotypes, and to illustrate scientific principles in action.

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